Eviction Notice

The has been some concern that I might be moving far away. Luckily this is not the case as Ari has given me permission to stay. Ari had been having a rough week I can only assume as he has been saying that he wanted to leave this planet. Apparently, everyone on the planet is mean and he was going to get a rocket and leave us all behind.  But then he realized I was actually the only mean one on the planet and gave me notice to leave today. Well he told me yesterday I had to leave today. My husband came to my aid and right before Ari drifted to sleep he said I didn’t have to leave and that he loves me, and gave me a kiss and pat on the head before he went to bed. I wanted say “Thanks Ari, I mean I don’t even know I would be able to find a rocket and space suit on such a short notice.” But in reality I just thanked him for telling me I could stay and that I loved him too.


Snow Day

Today is snow day for the Akila and snow day unfortunately for her does not mean do nothing. I have her reading through her epic reader that is connected to her classroom to herself and her siblings. We researched some volunteer activities for her this summer, did three exercise sessions through Fitstar and had a family wrestling match. We are going to clean areas that we haven’t cleaned in a while – I’m talking about behind her bed. She wants me braid her hair and although I usually get pissed because I seriously hate when people add stuff to my day unexpectedly (even if I was doing nothing) I so graciously agreed because it fits all into my master plan……(*insert evil laughter here*)

I do not want to go outside in the snow. Maybe some other time but today?- I really don’t. It looks more like icy slush and you can’t have a good snow day in slush. The kids have already asked 10 times if they could go outside. But little do they know I have a plan. In addition to all the fun indoor activities we did today, if I make the kids take a bubble bath, have an indoor dance party followed by a coloring session and then find a dinner we could all make together and… it’s dark! Uh-oh we wouldn’t have made it outside.  Maybe tomorrow when daddy is off.

Wish me luck folks.