We all pile into our minivan and when I’m strapping Ari in he goes “Oh mom, wait, I gotta fix my balls.” I let him readjust himself and I get in the car, start the engine and pull off. After some silence I hear “Ari is obsessed with private parts- “Akila says irritated from the back seat.  Ari fires right back “No I’m not Akila and you have a Bagina!” (He means vagina – but his v’s sound like b’s).  I don’t see how that is a burn, but Ari knew he won that battle.

I have taught the kids technical words for their body parts. Personally, I if I need to ask a direct question about their private area, I need to get straight to the point and I don’t want to ask about a “wee- wee” or a “pocketbook”. Does your penis or vagina hurt? No? Done.

Bath time was pretty crazy for a moment there because I put Ari and Auset in the bathtub together. When Auset would notice his penis, she would try to pull it and Ari would scream “No Settie that’s my penass! Don’t touch my PENASS! You have a BAGINA!” Now it’s just an occasional check – “Mom you know I have a penass right? And look Settie still has a bagina.”

When potty training Ari, Auset wanted to get in on the action too. She would stand up to the facing toward the toilet trying to pee like Ari. “No Settie! You have to sit down! You don’t have a penass you have a bagina! If you have a bagina you need to sit down!” It took a few months of Auset screaming that she does indeed have a penass back at Ari for that to die down. Sometimes I still find her trying to pee standing up.

Ari does comment on vaginas and penises often, but I think that is because he realizes that some of his family has one or the other. “Mommy has a bagina, Settie has a bagina, daddy has a penass and I have a penass” “Akila has a…..bagina.” I just think Akila is particularly upset because he has to think about what she has.🤔😂