Last week started off with me googling how to use Snapchat. I only got a Snapchat account so I that I could make videos with filters with the kids. One day while Akila was at school I wanted to use Snapchat with the toddlers. But I couldn’t turn on the filter. I realized I only used the damn thing once and Akila had already had it open. I couldn’t figure out how to show the filters so I was going to put my phone away. When putting it away, the filters popped up and me and the kids had a blast! I swore I was recording all these videos to my phone and when I got to the end one and went back to look at all the fun videos we made -nothing! Nada! I hadn’t saved anything. And I didn’t know how to pull the filters back up so that was over.

Fast forward to the next day. My husband is driving me to work and I pull out my phone again. I tried to pull up the filters up to no avail. Like I’m hardcore swiping the shit out of my phone and no dice.  So, I turn to Ray, “Yo buddy, how do I get the filters up on the snapchat?” Well he has no idea either! “I think you’re supposed to swipe it left, right, up and down – they all do something. After a few more minutes I give up and right before Ray drops me off he goes “Google it”.  Duh Why didn’t I think of that 24 hours ago?! And right before I got out the van to go to work, I learned how to pull up the filters on snapchat.

Later that night preparing dinner I turned to Akila and said “Hey…it was kinda hard to get to the filters on snapchat for the first time, don’t you think?” When I looked up you would’ve thought I said something like “Cat’s milk tastes like unicorn fart.” Akila was looking at me with her eyes all bugged, mouth open. “You couldn’t pull up the filters?!?” “You just tap ittttttttt!!!” She didn’t have to say it like that. I’m just saying.