I had my morning all planned so that should tell you where I first messed up in this story. I had my oldest at the bus stop on time and after seeing her off I planned to let the kids sleep in while I indulged in a little Korean drama binge watching. Once I woke the kids I would make them breakfast and then grab my sister-in-law for a Target run and a Starbucks treat. I would be back in time for lunch and then work on the Pre-K Brain Quest book with the kids.

The morning started out fair, the kids slept in a little, I did watch a little bit of my dramas, the problem started when we getting ready to leave the house. I told the kids that we would be going to Target “in a bit”, so for whatever reason they wanted their jackets and snow gloves on right at that moment. “Ok”– I thought “What could go wrong about letting them play with their coats and gloves now?” This is where the problems started. It was like the universe response to my question was “Well let me SHOW you!”

The kids both start crying within minutes. I found Auset squatting in the kitchen trying to pick up a chopstick with her gloved hands. Now, she is wearing thick snow mittens that do not separate the thumb from her rest of her fingers, so this is going nowhere fast. I went over and I tried to take off one glove and she started crying harder.So… I left her alone and she continued to sit there, crying, attempting to pick up that lone chopstick. Since I figured I wasn’t going to be able to help her I turned around to help Ari.

Now, Ari has his snow mitts on. His mitts are the ones that has the thumb separate from the other fingers. He’s crying because his thumb does not fill out the entire thumb section of his glove. I tried to pull his gloves down so that his fingers are as in the glove as much as it could be, but there was still space. He continued to cry and kept trying to readjust his his thumb was more into the glove. When that didn’t work, he started to question me. “Mom why won’t my thumb go to the toooopppp?!” I told him that his hands are too small.  “So, do I have to get smaller?! I told him he had to get bigger.  “Well, I am three now, will they fit?!”  I’m like dude, no, you can’t make yourself younger, if anything you would want to be older so you are bigger. But logistics isn’t his forte, so now he’s screaming I’m three! I’m three! Why won’t fit?! I still have Auset trying to get the damn chopstick off the floor by the way.

At that point I’m like fuck it.  I snatch all the gloves and I put them in the kitchen cabinet. Auset cried for a bit but then she’s like oh well and she found something else to occupy her interest. Ari is like fuck that, fuck you I want my gloves! He pulled a chair over to the counter and tried to get his gloves, I got him down. I tried to make him sit down and not punish him per se because I tell him its ok to be frustrated but the attitude is the problem.  He walked into the living room and just started jumping up and down and screaming. I have never experienced a real tantrum first hand and I’m surprised I didn’t flip shit, but I did send him upstairs to lay down and relax.  He went upstairs with some encouragement and I thought he had laid down crying. But then I heard it – that jumping/stomping and all out screaming from upstairs.

Even Auset stopped her fussing like Yeah, I don’t want the gloves that bad. She found something else to play with. I decided to leave Ari to it and sat down and started to read to Auset. I guess we started dozing off on the couch but then Ari comes in with his gloves to ask for help putting them on. Our eyes met and as soon as he realized he was caught he screamed “AHHH”, threw the gloves in the air and ran back upstairs. I hid his gloves in my lunch bag, left Auset’s in the cabinet, moved the chair back away from the counter, and made tuna sandwiches for lunch while Ari cried until he felt better upstairs. We never made it target until after dinner, but the tuna sandwiches were the ish.